Welcome to the Community Labyrinth Garden of FPCA!

Blueprint for church garden

In the open area between the Church and Greenville Avenue, you are invited to enjoy the Community Labyrinth Garden. This ongoing project was conceived as a way to make use of the open area as well as create an opportunity for community involvement with a purpose.

The Community Labyrinth Garden includes a labyrinth path for meditation, and designated gardens that correspond to the Scriptural path Jesus made on His way to the cross. The gardens also provide a place to rest and reflect.

Families, civic organizations, and church members can work collectively to plant areas of the garden, with the following plant guidelines: Texas Native or Adapted Native for Zone 7 or lower, full sun and drought tolerant and alkaline/clay soil friendly. For more information or to adopt a garden, contact the Church Office at office@fpcallen.org or 972-727-2551

The labyrinth is a gift from FPCA to our friends and family in Allen and the surrounding communities. We hope you will make use of it often and that you will tell your friends about it. The only restriction we place on its use is that it is for humans only. For more information, information about Garden Work Days, or to schedule a group visit, contact the Church Office at office@fpcallen.org or 972-727-2551

Please visit the FPCA Garden & Grounds on Facebook for photos and the progress of the garden!